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BSP 5 Visions



Smiles and excitement for our customers


With producers and business partners

Smiles to make together


Nature that can be handed over to the future with a smile


Bring a smile to the community


The smiles of working colleagues are the source of everything

Smiles and excitement for our customers

[Products and services]

Our starting point is the cowherd.
In order to make beef that is safe, secure and delicious, we make it from food with feed rice from Kyushu and grow it with all our heart.
Our feelings are one. We want to bring smiles to people all over the world with our beef.
Rice / vegetable farmers, cow herders, processing staff ... We will provide the best food and customer service with everyone's thoughts.
We are always pursuing to change the beef made by our own ranch and the producer (Kuramoto) who sympathized with our thoughts to the smiles and impressions of our customers by the staff who knows everything about beef. To go.


At the store, the individual identification numbers of Japanese beef and domestic beef are displayed. We manage traceability from feeding to manufacturing and processing one by one with a group integrated system. We will deliver safe, secure and high quality beef to our customers.
In addition, all rice is domestically produced.

[Allergy display]

Information on 7 specific raw materials (eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, crabs) is provided on the website at some stores so that all customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind. Doing.
In order to meet further needs in the future, we will proceed with preparations for providing information on 7 specific raw materials at all stores.

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Smiles created with producers and business partners

[Producer support = development of the restaurant industry]

The Bee Smile Project has the form of a sixth industrialization project, "creating an environment where everyone can help each other from production to sales," and has a mission to support producers, mainly in Southern Kyushu.
Working hand in hand with our partner companies to significantly develop the restaurant business will lead to the continuous support of producers.
All the people involved with us, the livestock farmers who work together, the farmers who grow rice for feed, and all the partner companies are all smiling and kind, and we can bring smiles and excitement to our customers. I think.

[Creating cattle food and supporting producers. TMR Center]

The biggest cost for livestock farmers is the feed they feed to cattle. The prices of imported grains from overseas are not stable, and we are in a very uneasy situation.
We have a feed factory called TMR Center within the group, which enables safe and inexpensive feed supply using domestic agricultural products.
At the same time, we are aiming to revitalize and revitalize agriculture as a whole, such as by purchasing land that has been abandoned for cultivation and growing rice for feed.

[Technical support for producers and training of successor producers]

We are working together with industry, academia and government to solve problems such as labor shortages and successor shortages in Japan's primary industry.
In addition to introducing "smart livestock technology" such as U-Motion that monitors cattle behavior with IoT, automatic feeding system, utilization of network cameras in barns, etc., we also provide training and practical training on operation methods to affiliated farmers. We are providing technical support for.
It is our desire to make Japanese agriculture strong, gentle, and cool by incorporating "smart livestock technology" into the image that has been said to be "tight, ugly, and messy."

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Nature that can be handed over to the future with a smile

[Toward environmental protection]

From April 2021, we have abolished the provision of plastic straws at stores.
By eliminating the plastic straws used in stores, we will save about 210 kg annually.
Problems related to waste plastics are often taken up in environmental issues and actually have a negative impact on marine pollution and ecosystems.
From April 2022, a new law was enacted that would discipline the free provision of one-way plastic supplies. First, we will review the take-out containers and work with partner companies to achieve zero plastic use, including other containers used.
Our origins are cowherds, and we have never forgotten our gratitude for nature and creatures. We believe that protecting the natural environment is a responsibility that will lead to the smiles of children who eat delicious beef with peace of mind and to protect future livestock farming.
In addition, since 2021, we have been conducting in-house educational activities regarding food loss. Food loss is the most important issue for food service companies.
In the future, we plan to implement measures for weighing and reducing food loss and food waste. We aim to participate in the food recycling loop together with cooperating companies.

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Bring a smile to the community

[CSR Initiatives]

As a basic CSR policy, in order to become a visionary company that will continue for the next 100 years, where employees, producers, customers, and local communities can all smile, "Provide joy and energy by connecting the thoughts and deliciousness of producers. ], We will also actively engage in social contribution activities.
We are also planning a business trip yakiniku restaurant event to the orphanages in Kanto and Kansai by recruiting volunteer staff from within the company. We believe that we will continue to contribute to the local community in this way, leading to the growth of not only the company but also each of us.

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The smiles of working colleagues are the source of everything

[Smiles of working colleagues]

Valuing the smiles of colleagues who work together, both at work and in private, is the source of all energy.
We aim to create a working environment in which a wide variety of human resources can work with a sense of satisfaction, without the boundaries of employees and part-time workers. We believe that we can create an environment where customers are satisfied and pleased by aligning the vision of the company with the perspectives of the staff who work and steadily working toward the company's goals.

[Sixth industry on-site experience]

By actually experiencing livestock and dairy farming on farms and manufacturing and processing work at meat processing plants as employee education, not only can you understand the breeding, processing, and distribution of cattle, but you can also learn about nature and creatures that are the basis of your business. Learn deep understanding and gratitude. And I want to confidently tell someone what I have experienced with a smile.
The chain of smiles spreads, and I feel joy when growth as a person and growth as a company overlap. No matter which one is missing, the company will not grow.
Going forward, we will continue to collaborate with group companies to provide on-site experiences and exchange of human resources in each of the sixth industries.

[Training system according to the stage]

We have various training systems for regular employees and partner staff according to the stage.
Through training, we share the company's philosophy and think together, aiming for a culture in which each employee grows together and builds a company together.
Through training and CSR activities, we will realize the genuine smiles of everyone, the growth of employees, and the sustainable development of the company, which no one can miss.

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